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During the past 10-15 years, the personnel of the Historical Archives of Argostoli have worked very diligently to organize and catalogue records previous to the year 1932. They have done, and are continuing to do, marvelous work.

 It is necessary to understand that a search can be carried out only in the historical records that have been catalogued. In the near future, more records will be catalogued, and therefore, become available to the family historian. However, at the present time, there are many records available on the basic information that family researchers require.



Below, is a list of the available catalogued records with dates and location. Omitted dates represent records which were lost in fires or earthquakes.


Certificates: Birth, Marriage, Death    1841-1931 Historical Archives, Argostoli Very  Good
Birth, Marriage, Death 1933-Present Capital of Relevant, Municipality Excellent 
All Civil Marriages 1983-Present Capital of Relevant, Municipality Excellent
Birth, Marriage, Death, Earlier that 1841 1500, 1600,1700 Historical Archives, Argostoli Fairly good, Very specific information required.  See note:*
Wills and Testaments: 1801-1911 Historical Archives, Argostoli Good, Specific information required.  See  **
Sea Vessels: Passports for captain, permission for sailing, name of vessel, captain, destination. 1846-1864 Historical Archives, Argostoli Very good, if name of captain, name of ship, date or  approximate date of sailing is known. 
Sea Vessels: Captain, name of vessel, country of registration, date of sailing, cargo, destination Before 1846 Private Library Very good, if any of the following are known:  name of captain, year of sailing, name of ship, flag of ship (registration) -in various periods of history. due to political turmoil, Gk. ships often sailed under foreign registration.  

 *          Given name, surname, given name of father, date of life event and town of occurrence of the event are mandatory.

**        Given name, surname, given name of father, date and place of death, town of residence before death, are mandatory, and name of Notary who wrote the Will is extremely helpful.

           If you have a question, please send an e-mail to  stating on the Subject Line: Searchable Records - Question and in the Signature: your name and e-mail address.


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