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In order for a search to be made in the Historical Archives, Municipal Records, and, for that matter, in any personal records in Greece, only the researcher himself, or a person authorized by him, can request a search and receive the officially stamped photocopies of the original documents. For this reason, The Research Assistant Service is offered. Some offices require that the research assistant have a Letter of Authorization to obtain information from the archives or office files.  This is not required in every case.  For this reason Kefalonian Roots will state on your in the assessment of your Research Request if this letter will be necessary. 

If it will be necessary for you to obtain a Letter of Authorization, the process is described below.  If you have any questions please contact us at    Questions on Letter of Authorization


The following is a description of the process by which one can authorize a Research Assistant.

1. Complete the English and Greek Authorization letters . Using capital English (Latin) letters, type the same information on the respective lines of each letter. The letters state exactly the same information in both languages – refer to official stamps on letters.

  • In the blank "To whom it may concern" :   I,  ...   type your full name, all given names then surname.
  • In the blank "Resident of the Country":  type your full address including your country.

2. Have the English and Greek print-outs Notarized.

3. Send the notarized letters which are on one form, in a large envelope, not folding the letter, by registered mail  to:  

 Kefalonian Roots             (Authorization Letters)

                                            C/O  Mrs. Elaine B. Vallianoy

                                            33  Krasopatera

                                            Lixouri,  Kefalonia      28200


NOTE: It is necessary to complete the authorization process only once. Your Authorization will be kept on file, so that it can be used when you place another search order at a later date.


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