Information on Immigrant Ancestor  - Alexandratos, Spyridon

Immigrant's Name:


Alexandratos Other known variations: Alexander
Given names: Spiridon Spyridon, Spiro  
Date of birth:

Day: 21

Month: 01

Year: 1865

Name of Port of Departure:
Name of port in Kefalonia:  
Name of port in Greece, if not Kefalonia:  
Date of departure:  
Name of ship/ airline with flight #:  
Name of port of entry in "new country": Galveston, Texas, USA
Name of city, state/province and country of entry:  Galveston, Texas, USA


Date of entrance into port:   1880
Other relatives with whom he traveled, name, age, and relationship:



Name of Place of 1st Residence:

Number and street address:




114 Calhoun Charleston South Carolina USA
Surname and Address of Family With Whom He First Resided:


Street Address


State/Province: Country:
Address of 1st Residence of His Own:
Street Address: Town: State/Province: Country:
114 Calhoun Charleston South Carolina USA
First Place of Employment:
Employer:  Self employed  
Address:  114 Calhoun, Charleston,           South Carolina, USA


Date: 1895  
Position held: Seller of fruits and vegetables  
 Marital Status at Time of Immigration:     Place an  X in the correct box under marital status:
Single:        X Married: Widowed: Divorced:
Place of Marriage:  
Name of church: Street address: Town: Province: Country:
Magistrate 89 Broad Street Charleston South Carolina USA
Date of marriage: Name of spouse: Children's names and ages:    


Marian Emma Kelly          Angelo  b. 1901   Constantine         b.1902           Angeline  b. 1904


Marie      b. 1906  Christos   b. 1910 Stella       b. 1913  Emanuel   b. 1917 Beatrice   b.  1920  
First Church Attended in the "New Country":
Name of church: Street address: Town: State/Province: Country:
Dates of attendance:        
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Mary Ellen Alexander Gilberg