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Search in Historical Archives     
Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates:  
 I   Surname, Given Name and Date known:  Date = Year                                        
  ( a.)     Same Surname  up to             4 look ups


( b.  1 look-up


For each additional Surname:   as stated above:  a and b  
For each officially stamped certificate



II      Surname plus date known:   Given Name not known  
    List of all persons with the surname will be given and sent .

  Re-order for desired certificate will be made by client with no added search fee, since the archives # will be known.


    III        Surname and given name known, date not known:  
            (a.)   6 year search    3  back  3 forward from your given date                                                          27                                                          
            (b.)  10 year search   5 back   5 forward from your given date


            (c.)   16 year search   8 back  8 forward from your given date


            (d.)   20 year search 10 back 10 forward from your given date


    V       Surname, ONLY, is known  Given name and Date not known:

    All given names and dates  for this period will be noted.

        (a.)   6 year search  3 back         3 forward from your given date 40
         (b.)  10 year search  5  back      5 forward from your given date 45
            (c.)  16 year search    8 back  8 forward from your given date 55
            (d.)  20 year search   10 back  10 forward from your given date 65
English Translation:  
For each birth, marriage or death certificate: 18
 Sea Vessel  Information:  
  I  Records from the Port of Argostoli    1846-1864  
          (a.)   Name of owner or captain of ship and name of ship known: 

            In many cases the owner was also the captain

          (b.)   Name of only the ship known:    All data for that ship will be noted: 35
          (c.)   Name of only the owner or  the captain known.

  All data for the ship owner or captain will be noted:

    II      Records for Kefalonian Vessels  from Ports of Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Turkey from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century  Not found in Historical Archives.  Found in libraries.


          (a.)   Name of owner or captain of ship, name of ship and at least one decade of sailing  known: 25
          (b.)  Name of only owner/captain and decade sailing

          OR name of only ship and decade of sailing

          (c.)  Name of only owner/captain

         Or only name of ship  Date of decade not known

          (d.)  For a list of all listed sailings of a ship   with name of ship known and at least one decade of sailing known: 35
          (e.)  For a list of all sailings of listed ships of an owner with at least one decade date known: 45
          (f.)  For either (d.) or (e.) without a date 60
English Translation:  Sea Vessel Information:    
          (a.)  For each look-up in the Records of the Port of Argostoli


          (b.)  For each look-up for Kefalonian vessels     from Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea 10
Wills / Testaments:   found in the Historical Archives  
          Wills and Testaments dated from 1801-1911  
          (a.)  Surname, Given Name and Date known: 20
          (b.) Only Surname and Given Name known,

                Date not known.

          (c.)  Surname and Date known,

                 Given Name not known

English Translation of Wills/Testaments:  
          The translation of Wills and Testaments is a very difficult process, due to the writing style of the period in which the Will/Testament was written. If a translation is requested, communication by e-mail would be made when Will/Testament is found, and number of pages of Will have been determined..  
Civil Marriages and Life Event Certificates after 1933.  Searches in the Municipal Vital Records
Basic fee for  Municipality Records work        Search and certificate fees are same as above.           8
Shipping and Handeling:  
     The results of the search will be be packaged and posted by Register Mail. 7
Method of Payment:  



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