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Completing the Application for a Search Form:


The following is the Application For A Search Form.  It is arranged by category of the topic to be searched: English Translation.  Birth, Marriage, Death or Civil Marriage Certificates; Wills and Testaments; Sea Vessel Information. 

Complete the application for the topics you want searched, by writing the required information in English (Latin) capital letters.  Write the names of people and places, as you know them to be spelled along with any known variations.  If possible, type any other pertinent information on a separate piece of paper, being sure to include the date, your name, e-mail address and the name of the topic to which the information applies at the top of the page; and then securely attach it to your application. 

  NOTE:       We are attempting to change the application process.

Rather than filling out the complete application form, you can send an e-mail stating your research request.  From this e-mail,  we can tell you what precise information you should send to us.             You will send this information by return e-mail rather than by post.                                                Thank you for your understanding during this period of change.      

E-mail us at: 



Part I of each application form refers to information concerning the applicant for the search.  Complete all information typing in English (Latin) capital letters.

Parts  2 through 7  refer to the different categories of  a search.  Carefully complete all known information, writing all names, of people and places, in English (Latin) capital letters as you now them to be spelled.

If need be, on a separate sheet of paper, please type any other information, which you may deem pertinent to this search.  At the top of this supplementary page, please type the name of the topic to which it applies, the date of application, your name and e-mail address; and securely attach it to your application.

For an English Translation, check the boxes with an X for your requested English Translations.

This is one Application Form with 10 different sections.  Complete and send all pages that pertain to your request.

See  Ordering A Search




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