How To Set Up a Research Request


    Copy and paste this page into the message area of an e-mail, click   Research Request   and complete the  information using red ink.  Be sure to write  your name and address at the end of your e-mail. 

 Help:  Select this page, copy it, then click Research Request, above in blue.  In the message section of the e-mail paste the copied page. 

       We should be back to you with an answer within 4 days of receiving your research request


The Research Request  Form

Please complete in red ink.  Place a X in the appropriate places.

I am requesting:     a birth certificate       a marriage certificate       a death certificate       a Will      Registration in my family merida

Papers for obtaining a Greek passport        Papers for obtaining Greek citizenship  

Other, please state:________________________________________________________________________________________________    


Information on the person applying for a search:

Given name (s):


Father's given name (s):

Mother's given name (s):

Mother's maiden name:

Date of birth:  d/m/y:

Place of residence: street address, town, state or province, country.


Reason for request: Check one  X: 

 Legal processes:       Family Tree:     Passport:       Obtain citizenship:      Pension procedures:     Family merida:

Other, state:________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Family relationship of the person for whom the search will be made.  Check one: X

Father               Mother           Grandfather               Grandmother            Great Grandfather         Great Grandmother     

Other, state:________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Information on the person for whom the search is being made:

Family status:    Single:         Married:          /         In life:          Not in life:

Given name (s):


Maiden name, if applicable:

Father's given name (s):

Mother's given and maiden names:

Date of birth:

Place of birth:                                     Village:                                                                        Municipality:

Place where he/she voted:                 Village:                                                                        Municipality:

Place where he/ she has his merida:  Village:                                                                       Municipality:

Place of residence in Kefalonia:         Village:                                                                      Municipality:

Place of residence. if out of Kefalonia: Town, State, Province, Country:


Name of spouse:

Date of marriage:

Place of marriage:  Town, State or Province, Country

Religious denomination:

Date of death:

Place of burial:

Your full name:  

Your e-mail address:

Thank you for your request.