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Photo  CD  Service



In the past few months, users have been asking for pictures of Kefalonia, in general and of their ancestors' villages.

Due to these requests, Kefalonian Roots is now presenting a new genealogical service,  The  Photo CD Service.  This service allows you to request pictures of:   

 Kefalonia in general:   well known beaches; sunken lake of Melissani;  cave of Drogarati; historic landmarks; historical monuments; monasteries - St. Gerasimos, St. Andreas, Kupouria, Kechriona, etc.; castles, St George in Peratata, Castle of Assos; and major towns of Argostoli, Lixouri, Poros, Sami, St.Efthimia, Skala and Fiskardon.

Villages of your ancestors:    entering the village; the main square; the main street; shops; cultural center; 17-1800's buildings in present condition; photos of old buildings, if available; churches - exterior and interior; cemetery and family grave stones; neighborhood of your ancestor; views from the village; landforms in the area - beaches, ravine, mountains, bay, gulf, etc; the port, if the village has one; buildings- school, town hall, cultural center; side roads, neighborhoods, and any theme of your choice.

People in daily Kefalonian life:  photos in town, on the farm,  butcher shop, supermarket, pharmacy, bakery, sweetshop, coffee shop, green grocer, fish market, life in the town square, down town in the morning,  town hall, down town in the evening, taverna, cultural happenings, night in the town square, souvlaki shop, village celebration; a daily life event of your choice; and/or suggestions of your choice.

Topics of your choice, and/or combination of the above:  photos of the topic of your choice, by it self, or in combination with any, or all of the above.


For a cost assessment:   Send an e-mail to stating the topics on which you wish photos and the number of photos you desire.  A representative of Kefalonian Roots will contact you and discuss the possibilities and the cost.  After  your discussion, you will receive a cost assessment on your photo request.


For those of you who cannot visit Kefalonia, a Photo CD is the best way to enjoy

the beauty, history, life, and culture of this magnificent island.



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