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  Many people have assisted in the evolution of Kefalonian Roots.  Those who have provided information on a particular theme are listed under Human Resources at the end of that topic.

  Others have contributed in a more general manner by providing information or technical assistance.  It is in Credits, that we wish to express our sincere gratitude for their kindly offered assistance.





Manner of Contribution










Gerasimos Galanos



Father George Dionysatos


Books, pamphlets, papers and information on a variety of topics.



A gift, the book Αγιολόγιον-Ημερολόγιον 2006, which was very useful as a source of religious pictures.









Historical Archives Assistance


Georgos Moskopoulos


Information on the laws for and information on searching in the Historical Archives.

Mrs. Kuriakatoy


Great assistance in searching in the Historical Archives





Historical Information


Gerasimos Galanos


Historical information on Paliki and Kefalonia.

Panagis Katsivelis


Historical information

Nectarios Aravantinos- Simonetos


Historical information


Immigrant Ancestor Registry  Information


Mary Gilberg

  Statistics for immigrant ancestor


Library Assistance


Mrs. Helena Graikousi


Great amount of kind assistance in the Iakovatios Library of Lixouri.

The staff of the

Korgialeneios Library of Argostoli


Great amount of kind assistance in the library.







Mr. Sisimos Vaggelatos


His kind assistance in finding a very clear map of Kefalonia.


Photographic Assistance


Sandra Bissessar   Kontarini


Photographic assistance

Feloxeni Magdalynou      Photographic assistance
Lula Synodinou   Photographic assistance

Erasmia Theotokatoy


Photographic assistance





Proof Reading


Valerie and Peter Darling


Their great assistance in proof reading,  grammatical assistance and photography for The Making of Olive Oil


Religious Topics


Father Ioannis Fragiskatos


Information on the saints.

Mrs. Helena Graikousi


Information on the saints.

The priests of the office of the Diocese of Kefallinias, Argostoli


Their kind assistance in finding the e-mail address of the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church and supplying information from their archives.




Irene Anguizola

  Supplied surname and village or residence.

Olivia Benesis

  Supplied surname and village of origin.

Nick Doolan

  Supplied surname and variations

William Gentile

  Supplied surname and village of origin.

     Niki Louloudis

  Supplied surname and village of origin. 

Maria Moshona   

  Supplied surnames and village of origin.

    Greg Papadatos

  Supplied surname and village of origin, and other surnames with village or origin.

Andreas Raftopoulos

  Supplied surname and village of origin.

Susie Tsaklis/Tzaklis

  Supplied surnames and the probable village of residence.

Surnames of Seamen

Mr. Jerry A.  Totolos     USA Master Mariner   Supplied surnames of seamen, their father's names, professional status, dates and village of birth.
Mr. Vangelis Catevatis   Provided name of seaman, father's name, dates and village of birth.


Technical Assistance


Stephanos Synodinos-Vallianos


Assistance on a wide variety of technical topics.

Van Gelle Synodinos-Vallianos


Technical support and assistance

Dettie Pato

  Technical assistance 




John Majeroni


The topic Greek grammar


Up Dates


Demetrios Antonatos

  Up date on his father's statistics, Seamen.


Wide Range of Information


Panagis Katsiveli


His very prompt, kind and helpful assistance in finding a wide range of information from near and distant sources.



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